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Shopcade Sponsored Post Opportunity

Shopcade is my personal newest addiction, and I think you will find it irresistible as well!
If you are not yet familiar with Shopcade, it is very similar to Pinterest, but with a twist! Below you will find one of my boards, and the twist is…if an item is purchased from my board, I get commission! This is not just for bloggers, which is what makes it so unique! The average Joe can create boards, and earn too! Think of the possibilities- The kids can make wish lists- an expectant mother can create a registry- you could even post about your Shopcades like any other affiliate offer!

We are looking for bloggers to create a Shopcade account, add at least 12 items to a fashion and/or beauty board, and post about your experience on the site.


We are looking for Fashion and Beauty Blogs.
To be considered a fashion/beauty blog, you must have the topics of style, fashion, beauty, make-up, nails, skin care etc. posted at least weekly.

That’s It!

30 bloggers will be chosen by the sponsor to post for $20 Best part? ALL remaining applicants will be able to participate in a $100 exclusive contest!


  • Leave your blog URL in a comment below.
  • We will be sending participation confirmation by Wednesday.
  • You will either be approved for a $20 post, OR receive an affiliate banner link.

Here’s the Contest Part!

  • For those that receive an affiliate link, you may also grab a Shopcade account, (trust me this is NOT a chore- super fun site!) and post about it using this Pay 10 cents Per CLICK banner!
  • $100 will be awarded to the #1 click earner!
  • I was hesitant about this contest. As many of you know I am a blogger just like you, and I realized in my hesitation, that most of us post affiliate offers regularly with NO chance to win. SO, may as well have a chance to win some cash, for something I already do!