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Brighter Sponsored Post Opportunity

We have an opportunity for a $50 sponsored post for Brighter.com

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A little about Brighter:

The Problem

Nearly half of the US population doesn’t have dental insurance. That’s millions of families who are forced to pay for their dental care entirely out-of-pocket. This can easily cost thousands of dollars a year for a family of four.

Brighter.com Offers The Affordable and Trustworthy Solution

Brighter.com is a dental savings plan that helps families obtain the highest quality care from trusted dentists at the best prices. We have a network of 70K dentists nationally who provide our members with savings of up to 60% off on everything from cleanings & exams to crowns, root canals and even braces. View the prices before you go to the dentist. Think of it like Costco for your teeth!

Our Plan Let’s You Take Care of Your Family

Brighter family plans are normally $149 per year but for xyz blog, we want to create a limited time $119 offer: 20% off of our normal membership pricing! This plan covers all immediate family members and can be used at any of our participating dentists. The average family will save hundreds of dollars during the first visit alone – the plan pays for itself!

Why Join Brighter.com?

The Family Plan at $149 $119/yr gets you . . .

Substantial Savings: With savings of ~50%, most memberships pay for themselves on the first visit

Upfront Pricing: Whatever your needs are, from cleanings to fillings to major restorative work, you’ll know the procedure price BEFORE you go to your appointment

Better than dental insurance in almost every way: It’s not insurance so you’ll never have to deal with annual limits, waiting periods, deductibles, or paperwork

Guaranteed: Rest assured with our guarantee: At Brighter.com, we always offer a no-questions-asked, 30-day 100% money back GUARANTEE on your membership fees